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Fisheries Department

Kerala holds the number one place in the country’s fishery economy. The three estate of the fishery economy, Viz the water resources, the fish resources and the human resources are at their best in the Kerala fishery economy. All our efforts to the development, conservation and perpetuation of these estates of our fishery economy were pioneered by Kerala. Governance of the Fisheries sector is vested with the Minister of Fisheries. All the development and management programmes envisaged by the Government in the Fisheries sector are being implemented by the State Department of Fisheries. The Department of Fisheries is headed by the Director of Fisheries.

Sustainable utilization and development of fisheries sector, both marine and inland aiming to the economic growth, food & nutritional security and for socio-economic development of fisher folk.

Mission of the Department is to promote, facilitate and secure the long-term development, conservation and utilization of both inland and marine fisheries resources based on responsible fishing practices and environmentally sound management programmes with focus on:

  • Sustainable utilization of the natural fish resources
  • Augmentation of fish production by aquaculture, exploration of new fishing grounds, promotion of low value fishes.
  • Enhancing fish production and productivity
  • Ensuring safe fishing
  • Increasing livelihood opportunities
  • Strengthening social security and welfare  measures for fisher folk
  • Fish resource conservation and management
  • Facilitating improved post harvest practices and value addition with industrial and market linkages.



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