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India International Aqua Show 2014

India International Aqua Show 2014 (IIAS) is a biennial exhibition and trade fair for ornamental fishes and aquarium accessories, held at Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala.  IIAS 2014 aims to encourage hobbyist, breeders and entrepreneurs in the field.  It will also provide a forum for exchange of ideas and interactions of ornamental fish breeders, traders and visitors within and outside India.  A rich variety of ornamental fishes and accessories under one roof creates the unique opportunity for exhibition and marketing.

Sri.Oommen Chandy
Hon.Chief Minister, Kerala

Ornamental fish has gained prominence in International trade and plays a significant role in the economy of developing countries like India. Both Government of India and Government of Kerala have initiated several steps to popularize ornamental fisheries. The biennial India International Aqua Show (IIAS) is one such initiative that offers a unique platform for all the stakeholders to showcase their products to the leading fish importers/exporters across the world and to facilitate business tie-ups.
I am confident that IIAS 2014 will act as a catalyst for the development of ornamental fishery as a commercial and export oriented enterprise. I extend a wholehearted welcome to you to participate in the India International Aqua Show 2014.


Sri.K. Babu
Hon.Minister for Fisheries, Ports and Excise, Kerala

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 7th India International Aqua Show 2014. The IIAS will focus on encouraging fish breeders and entrepreneurs in the field and help them explore new markets and contacts. Ornamental fisheries sector is fast gaining importance due to the remarkable economic opportunities which it offers, the huge potential in providing employment to the people hailing especially from the rural sector and as a foreign exchange earner. I am confident that IIAS 2014 will act as a platform for stake holders to join hands with international players in the field and serve as a vehicle for the expansion of ornamental fisheries sector in the state. I extend a warm welcome to you to participate in the India International Aqua Show 2014. 

The India International Aqua show 2014 is organized by the Department of Fisheries,Government of Kerala through the State Fisheries Resource Management Society (FIRMA) in association with the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.  IIAS 2014 is supported by Kerala Aqua Ventures International Limited (KAVIL)

Access to a highly lucrative and growing market
Gain a greater understanding of the global market
Make contact with domestic buyers and suppliers
Source new dealers and distributors
Immediate sale and orders
Create better ties with existing customers
Monitor competitor activity
Cost effective promotion of products, services and increasing brand awareness
Extensive marketing campaign
Worldwide exposure through the official show website

Manufactures and distributors of aquaria, aquarium accessories, drugs, chemicals, fish feed and fishery products
International and local breeders, exporters and importers of ornamental fish
Publishers of fishery related books and periodicals
Associations, institutions and Government bodies


  • Ornamental fish (marine and fresh water)
  • Aquarium plants
  • Aquaria and furniture
  • Illuminations, ornaments and backgrounds
  • Aerators, heaters and regulators
  • Measuring instruments and water treatment equipments
  • Fish feeds
  • Health and treatment products (drugs, chemicals etc.)
  • Aquarium accessories
  • Books and periodicals


  • Ornamental fish farmers and traders
  • Manufacturers, distributors and dealers of aquaria and aquarium accessories
  • Aquaculture consultants and consulting firms
  • Importers and exporters
  • Government officials and delegations from trade associations
  • Officials, scientists and students from research institutions
  • International trade and business delegations
  • Hobbyists

An International seminar on breeding, farming and trade of ornamental fishes will be organised as a part of the IIAS 2014. It provides a forum for exchange of ideas on the topic.

A Buyer-Seller Meet will also be organized as a part of Ornamentals Kerala 2014 at the seminar venue. Leading exporters, producers and dealers from India and abroad connected with ornamental fish production and trade are expected to participate in the meet

Kids Aqua Gala 
  Promoting responsible pet care.....

Kid’s Aqua gala is an attractive learning programme designed to teach children about the environment, motivate their minds, ignite their inspiration and warm their hearts through the rewards of pet care at IIAS 2014
The first building block of the Kids Aqua Gala is CREATIVITY. The children are challenged to design a fish aquarium that reflects their individuality or showcases their favourite hobby. Aquarium kits complete with a filter, lighting etc. will be provided. Children from 10 to16 years are encouraged to join the competition.

A grass root level interaction meet involving aqua farmers, fishermen and fisher women will also be a highlight of the event. It will expose them to the newer technology and best practices in the field. 

As in the past, a pet show will also be organized.  The key theme of the show includes proper care of domestic pets, information on animals and environmental protection, sales of equipments and supplies for domestic pets.  This will attract thousands of pet lovers who want the best of their pets. Exhibition profile includes domestic pets, clothes & accessories, pet feed, pet housing, toys, veterinary supplies & drugs, accessories for breeding and raising pets.

Cultural programs will be organized every evening as part of the Aqua Show 2014, reflecting the diverse cultural richness of the country.  Performance of traditional popular art forms and concerts are among the major attractions.  Interested parties can sponsor the cultural programs on any date.

Competitions on subtle but challenging aspects of ornamental fisheries, such as innovative practices, technology and display have always been an integral part of the past events.  This will be continued at India International Aqua Show 2014 with more exciting prizes.

India International Aquashow 2014 invites manufactures and traders to sponsor this mega event. IIAS 2014 will be offering a variety of ways for you to make sure that your message stands out and are seen during the Event.  Sponsorship options are available.  Please contact us for a tailor-made option.  We are glad to assist you according to your need and budget.

Branded internationally as “Gods Own Country” Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.  Located in the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula, Kerala has immense natural resources that give the state the potential to develop into a major center for ornamental fisheries. The state is one of the important biodiversity hotspots. The state holds significant potential owing to good infrastructure facilities like power, transport systems, airports, and seaports. Blessed with thousands of hectares of water bodies, the state boasts of several species of ornamental fishes that are rare, valuable and great in demand worldwide. The India International Aqua Show 2014 is one among the many initiatives that the State Government has undertaken to promote and encourage present and potential entrepreneurs

Advertisement in all leading newspapers & trade magazines
Press releases & newsletters extensive pre/post-press coverage
Television commercials
City wise advertising in posters, banners, stickers etc
High visibility hoardings in strategic locations
Jingles in FM radio
Direct mailers & emails
VIP invitation to associations, distributors, exporters & importers, manufacturers, Government agencies, technocrats, and traders & retailers.

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