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The State has rich resources of the wetlands, which remain fallow during major parts of the year. These are low lying paddy fields where paddy is cultivated for a period of 4 months and the rest 8 months it is kept fallow. Alternate cropping of fish and paddy can be done in these fields with some minor modifications. This type of integrated system of farming is considered as sustainable system which reduces the pesticide as well as application of fertilizer. It is planned to implement ‘One paddy One fish’ culture practice in a location specific manner.

The unit cost calculated for fish culture after paddy cultivation for a field having an area of 100 ha is about Rs. 20 lakh which include Rs. 12 lakh for infrastructure development and Rs. 8 lakh for operational expenses. The infrastructure development cost is for constructing permanent nursery pond and strengthening of bund. The operational expenses include cost of seed and feed. There will be a grant @ 40 % of unit cost for newly developed farm and @ 20 % of the operational cost for the already developed model fields