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Fisherfolks  play an important role in  maintaining the economy  of  the  state. Development  Of  Fisherfolk is to build a fishermen community that is comprehensively developed in all spheres such as education, health, social status and economic growth. The various Programmes of development Fisherfolks are geared to benefit all Men, Women, Youth and Children of the fishing community living in the coastal belt by helping them to improve their education, health, culture, economic status, employment opportunities, social awareness and social action. Fisheries  Technical  high schools, providing Sports goods and  instruments, providing  educational aids to  fisheries schools such as computers and audiovisual  aids, public address system and other accessories.

These are the main schemes  for the upliftment of fisherfolk
•    Housing
•    Medical  entrance and coaching programmes
•    Civil service exam coaching
•    Bank Test Coaching
•    PSC, UPSC exam Coaching
•    Aksharasagaram
•    Adoption of  children of  diseased fisherman
•    Educational assistance for  fisherman children for  postmetric  studies .
•    Carrier guidance programmes