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Fish culture in cage is a practice of growing fish in confined enclosure, which facilitate easy feeding, harvesting and other management procedures. One of the potential resources available for GIFT and Pangasius farming in Kerala is the fresh water bodies such as quarries, open field and other stagnant fresh water bodies which remain in idle condition and hold huge volume of water and having higher depth and non-drainable in nature. In Kerala, GIFT and Pangassius has been introduced very recently for freshwater cage culture and the culture is gaining popularity among the aqua farmers. There is also potential for the farming of Anabas, Clarius and Heteropneustus in cages.  Freshwater area with a depth of 4 m can be used for cage farming. Minimum 50cm bottom clearance should be provided while installing cages. The floating cage of 4x3x2.5m made of GI pipe is advisable. The sides and bottom of the GI cage is wrapped around with inner nylon/ HDPE webbings having a mesh size of 20/26 mm. Top of the cage is also wrapped with the same material with provision for zip to facilitate opening and closing of the cage. The fabricated floating cage is towed and installed in the pre-determined location using multi point mooring system with the help of synthetic ropes, anchors and floating barrels.  The unit cost for one unit consisting of 2 cages having total 60 Cubic meter volume is Rs.3.00 lakh which includes Rs.1.8 lakh as infrastructure cost and Rs.1.2 lakh as operational cost. There is grant @ 40% of unit cost for new units and @20% of operational cost for the already established unit.