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The components of the scheme include Enforcement of KMFR Act and Resource conservation with focus on conservation of fishery resources. The components of the scheme provided under Enforcement of KMFR Act are meeting the expenses of enforcement of KMFR Act, communication expenses in five fisheries stations, maintenance of wireless communication network, MatsyaVingyan Kendras and registration and licensing of Fishing vessels. Under Resource Conservation, due to over fishing there is scarcity in the commercially important varieties of fishes and prawns. Hence, Sea ranching is widely accepted to be an effective method for replenishment of depleting stock of commercially important species of shrimp. It is proposed to release quality seeds in the selected water bodies of coastal districts of Kerala. The programme will be implemented with the active participation of LSGIs. It includes production of quality seeds, releasing of seeds in proper places, documentation, monitoring etc. The state has 44 rivers with an estimated area of 85000 ha which could be used for ranching of fish and fresh water prawn seeds. It would enhance stock and increase capture fisheries from the inland water bodies of the state. The scheme also includes enforcement of backwater patrolling and the prevention of illegal fishing in estuaries, bar mouths and backwaters

 The scheme is implemented through Department of Fisheries