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The integrated scheme on inland fish production is proposed to increase production from 1.5 lakh tonnes to 3 lakh tonnes in Twelfth plan by merging the ongoing schemes on integrated scampi / fish farming, fish seed farms and hatcheries and Matysasamrudhi project.

Under the Integrated Fish farming/scampi, it is provided to create new employment opportunities on additional production of scampi/ fish shrimp aquaculture in pokkali lands of Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Kole lands of Thrissur Districts and Kannur during 2012-13.

The Agency for Development of Aquaculture, Kerala (ADAK) will implement the scheme with the support of LSGIs. This is a credit linked scheme and financial assistance will be routed through bank as back end subsidy.  In order to supplement the seed production in the department hatcheries,  establishment of Fish seed rearing units as a farmer participatory programme for fish seed production was introduced during the 9th plan and continued subsequently. The components of the scheme are for maintenance cost of existing farms for seed rearing, brood stock, equipment expenses for breeding programme, modernisation of NFSF at Malampuzha and to meet the expenses of Malampuzha aquarium.                        

MatsyaSamrudhi is a new component for an integrated development of inland fisheries and aquaculture, ensuring the support of LSGIs. The scheme will be implemented in 14 districts of the state covering 700 Gramapanchayats over the period of 3 years from 2012 -13 to 2014-15. The proposed targets are promotion of fish culture in 6000 ha of inland water bodies, 300 ha of padasekharams to develop for shrimp/prawn culture, 3000 ha brackish water area will be utilized for shrimp culture. As a part of this project, it is provided for extension of Karimeen production in ponds, cages etc.

Major components of the project are:-

  1. Diversification of fresh water aquaculture in inland sector
  2. Diversification of fresh water aquaculture.
  3. Increasing the productivity and production
  4. Development of extension and Training
  5. Strengthening fish farmers clubs
  6. Augmenting Karimeen production

The outlay also includes the State share for meeting support from NFDB. An integrated project will be prepared for approval with backward and forward linkages for augmenting inland fish production. This scheme includes the following four components.

  1. Integrated scampi / fish farming
  2. Fish seed farms , nursery and Hatcheries
  3. Matsya Samrudhi
  4. National Fisheries Development Board