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Matysafed is the implementing agency

                The ongoing four schemes were merged under Integrated fisheries development for focused intervention through convergence. This scheme includes the following five components.

  •  NCDC assisted Integrated Fisheries Development Project
  •  Bankable scheme
  •  Seed capital for NBCFDC and NMDFC scheme
  •  Community capital for institutional credit (Interest free loan)
  •  Net Factory (New component)

                The NCDC assisted Integrated Fisheries Development Project aims at meeting the credit needs for development of marketing facilities of fishermen members of the primary co-operatives affiliated to Matsyafed. The primary co-operatives under the aegis of Matsyafed raise bank loans for their members to meet the credit needs for replacement of fishing assets by the members.  Such loans reduce the indebtedness to intermediaries and increase their net income. The activities provided under the project are modernization of fishing implements, Group ownership system of fishing implements, increase in the net income of fishermen with better price realization for their catch, strengthening of primary fishermen co-operatives etc. The components of the project are replacement/ renewal of existing fishing implements, input security , margin money for working capital of fish marketing, infrastructure development for post harvest operations and marketing, women employment generation programme, infrastructure facilities, extension and training and project management cost.

Bankable scheme envisages to meet subsidy for bank loans for the purchase of fishing inputs by traditional fishermen. Matsyafed will release 25% of the loan as subsidy to the banks. During the plan period, it is intended to channelise assistance of NABARD/ Commercial banks to the traditional fisheries sector.

Matsyafed is implementing various employment generation programmes with the financial assistance of National Backward Classes Finance Development Corporation and National Minority Development Finance corporation against guarantee by the State. The pattern of funds is NBCFDC/NMDFC share 85%, Matsyafed share 10% and the beneficiary share 5%. The fund provided is for meeting the seed money assistance.

The Interest free loan included to provide seed capital for the emergencies of credit linkages to facilitate the flow of adequate institutional credit in the form of a self renewing community support system to prevent erosion of income by way of informal credit. The fund will be permitted as interest free loan to the beneficiary @ ` 5000/- to meet the working capital requirement. The fund will be mobilized from the commercial banks and
the interest portion will be paid as subsidy. This component will be implemented in
association with SAF.

A new component establishment of a New Net Factory at Thiruvananthapuram is also provided during in the plan 2012-13. The project will be implemented with the support of credit institutions and Matysafed.