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Extensive farming of brackish water fish relies on natural food organism available in the pond. No artificial feed will be given. This type of farming is suggested in brackish water pond where no more scientific practice can be adopted. Any perennial brackish water pond can be used; however, the minimum water level should not fall below one meter. The extensive farming of brackish water fin fish will be practiced in brackish water pond comprising both private and public ownerships having minimum area of 0.004 ha (1 Cent). The pond will be stocked with seeds of fingerling size @ 5000/ha @ Rs.6/nos. The unit cost will be Rs.30,000/ha.
Apart from this there is projects on

•    Backyard seed production unit for Pearl spot   
•    Rearing unit for stunted Carp seed
•    Rearing unit of Brackishwater fish in pond
•    Nursery rearing  of Brackishwater fish/ ornamental fish  in cage

The project period will be 1 year and the scheme is implemented through district Fish farmers development agencies (FFDA) including beneficiary selection.