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1. Rural Infrastructure Development fund

The development of coastal roads and other infrastructure included in the priority list of NABARD will be taken up under RIDF for which a separate provision of `1100 lakh is
provided. In the case of new projects, detailed project reports have to be recommended by Government to NABARD for sanction.

2. Share capital contribution to Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation

             The Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation aims to function as an apex body in the preparation of projects, monitoring, evaluating and financing infrastructural developments in the coastal sector. The corporation would mobilize resources for the development of infrastructure in coastal and inland area of Kerala and co-ordinate and facilitate the activities of various Government Departments, NGOs etc. The objectives of the corporation are to strengthen the Coastal Area Development activities coverage the various functioning sources for the activities implement the programme more effectively and efficiently and widen the areas of activities.

3.  Coastal Area Development Authority

           The Coastal Area Development Authority has been constituted by Government in 2011 for the development of the infrastructure facilities in the coastal areas of Kerala.

4. Integrated Development of fishing village (New)

                     The objective of the scheme is to develop the coastal region of the state in an integrated manner. During 2012-13, a new scheme is provided on Integrated development of fishing villages. In the State there are 222 Fishing villages are identified in 102 LSGIs. The acute problems faced in the coastal area are lack of housing, scarcity of safe drinking water, sanitation, energy (Electrification of houses) and the poor livelihood activities. An amount of ` 5000 lakh is provided for 2012-13 for the development of 25 fishing villages @ Rs.  200 lakh per village. The outlay of Rs. 200 lakh for selected each villages will be utilized for drinking water, electrification, sanitation, library support and livelihood. Housing and roads will not be covered under the scheme. The livelihood component will be converged with Theeramythri scheme wherever possible. The 25 villages will be selected based on a transparent criteria. Larger infrastructure projects in these villages will be taken up under RIDF for which separate provision has been earmarked. Village wise detailed project report will be prepared for approval before release of funds. The outputs and outcomes will be specified for each village development projects.